Michigan City Lighthouse at Sunset


















Easter Saturday a group of us from a photo club got together to photograph the skyline at the Michigan City Lighthouse. Twice a year the sun sets behind the Chicago cityscape. It was windy and cold but the waves were beautiful.

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Arched Windows on City Church


Top:  Arched windows from the outside

Bottom:  Arched windows from the inside with glass knocked out looking out to another section of the church

I believe the brown structure is the pulpit that still hangs from the wall overlooking the congregation.  No one should dare enter it because it’s almost collapsed.

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Fireplace in City Church

There were several fireplaces in the church.  I believe that the whole facade of the fireplace was covered like the surround of the fireplace.  Just imagine how beautiful it must have been! There were also some small doors like the one on the left.  I can’t imagine what they were used for.  Unless it was to store firewood?  If anyone knows what it used to look like, I’d appreciate it if you would share with us!  

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